James Baker II, retired, is the “City’s Best Friend.” He has served as a Parks & Recreation Commissioner for nearly 10 years. He is known is best known throughout the community as Commissioner Baker.

He spearheaded and organizes the “M” Landmark Improvement Project which maintains the iconic “M” symbol on the Box Springs Mountain. Commissioner Baker has a gift for bringing people together and addressing concerns of the city and working amicably toward a solution. He is calm and easy going, but holds firms for what is right and just for the community.

His popularity is the hundreds of hours he volunteers of himself and his resources for the community; he attends 95% of the city’s business ribbon cuttings; community, business, and educational events and meetings. He says it best, “I always want people to know they are welcomed into our city.”

Civic Roles

  • Chairman of the Parks & recreation Commission 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  • Founder and Organizer of the “M” Land Improvement Project Overseeing the maintenance and lighting of the "M” Landmark establishing a new annual tradition for the City of Moreno Valley.


  • Member of Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Steering Committee for the Newly Forming Boys & Girls Club in Moreno Valley
  • Ad-HOC Committee for the Historical US 395 Project
  • Member of the African American Coalition
  • Eastern Municipal Water District Board Advisory Committee
  • Local licensed Business Owner of Baker's MV Express Bus Services
  • Parks and Recreation Commissioner introducting many successful projects to the commission

Awards & Recognition

  • Winner of the Sweepstakes Award
  • Recognized by the State Assembly’s Office for 3 consecutive years
  • Awarded the Prestigious Community Champion Award in 2014 for the City of Moreno Valley from the California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS)
  • Nominated Moreno Valley's "Citizen of the Year" ftwice.


  • Includes local teens to work on the landmark “M” project to accumulate school credits
  • Participates in the Safe Routes to School wherever possible
  • Participates in the “Men Mob” program to greet students going to school as Community Leaders
  • Annual participant and presenter at "Living History Day" at Moreno Valley High School
  • Participates in feeding the homeless and veterans throughout the year